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How To Apply

Eyelash Cleaning Procedure


Product Opening Introduction:

1. Double-opening box and the packaging is the same specifications as Chanel’s makeup box.

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes


2. Open the packing box:

  1. Product certificate and instruction manual
  2. Dustproof velvet bag, easy to carry around
  3. Eyelash storage box with a mirror and a pair of MLEN eyelashes included
  4. Auxiliary wearing clip

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

3. Each eyelash storage case that has not been opened has a new identification sticker

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

4. Open the eyelash storage case:

  1. A small mirror
  2. A pair of MLEN soft magnetic eyelashes
  3. A dustproof sticker (Prevents eyelashes from slipping out and keeps them protected from dust)

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

5. Before putting on the eyelashes, you can gently massage the eyelashes to make their stalk softer, so there will be less of a foreign body sensation in the upper eye.

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

6. Due to different eye shapes and sensitivity, if they are too long or they feel a bit uncomfortable,  eyelashes can be trimmed slightly as needed.

*Do not cut off the magnet part

MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes

7. The upper part of the application clip is marked with TOP

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

8. When placing the eyelashes onto the clip, the upper eyelashes are placed on the TOP end, and the lower eyelashes are placed on the MLEN end. The bright magnetic surfaces of each eyelash are facing each other, and the matte sides should stick to the clip.

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

9. Side view

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

10. The two pieces of eyelashes will be clamped to your real eyelashes after closing the clip.

Mlen Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

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