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Lashes are arranged in an overlapping manner to create a natural 3D style just like your own.

Lash length and curl: 7-11mm, B curl
Lash line Length: 25-26mm

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Graceful Celebrity Ityle
Natural medium densityl
Style features:
The super soft artificial mink fur imported from South Korea is used. The antibacterial fiber is 7-8-9-10-1lmm in lenath
which is staggered in five lengths. It can restore the real feeling of three-dimensional eyelashes, present the 3D makeup
teeling of thick eyebrows and big eyes, and highlight the natural and smooth eyelash line etfect. It is a popular and
beautiful eyelash style.
Suitable eve type: more than 95% Asian female eve types, except fox eye and upward eye type
Matchina stvle: temperament temale. workolace uostart,. exauisite suit.
Scene: business negotiation, best friend gathering, and selfies.
Length & Curl: 7-8-9-10-11 flying arrangement, two warping degrees of letter B and C, medium density effect of single
Evelash width: 25-26mm, inner and outer corners can be trimmed by 1-1.5mm

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